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Depuis 2003, Dirox a contribué à une large gamme de développements logiciels, de projets courts à des gammes produits entières, incluant interfaces web ou mobiles évolués et back-ends techniques complexes, ceci avec la même attention pour la qualité, les délais, et l'excellence.

Technologies :: Php, Java, ASP.NET, RoR, NodeJs -- Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend, Drupal, Prestashop, Wordpress, Html/Css, Angular -- iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Cordova, Unity, Xamarin

Dirox met à votre service tout sa créativité et son savoir-faire technique pour vous assister et réaliser ensemble votre projet, produit ou service.
La passion, l'energie et l'enthousiasme de nos équipes se concrétise dans la qualité et l'attention aux détails qui font notre force.
Nos chefs de projet Francophones et Anglophones sont à votre écoute pour comprendre vos besoins en détail, ils sont les garants du partage de la connaissance métier.
Nous mettons en oeuvre nos meilleurs moyens pour livrer vos réalisations dans le budget, les délais et la qualité. Notre focus est votre satisfaction.


Tierce Maintenance Applicative
Production pour les Editeurs
Logiciel pour clients non IT
We have hundreds of man years of software development and maintenance experience on Java, ASP.NET, Php, for public an private sector, in telco, banking, finance, travel, media, fmcg ...
L'exécution de produits et projets peut se faire en mode Agile ou non, à partir de documents d'architecture, spécifications, interfaces, design ... fournis complets ou à finaliser.
A partir de votre idée produit/service au budget défini, nous sommes en mesure de planifier et réaliser architecture, spécifications, interfaces et design, hébergement, déploiement jusqu'au support.


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  • Who is your typical client?

    We’re mostly about International companies, media and digital agencies. We work with big companies and start-up, which are launching IT projects for the first time or communication campaign for a better visibility.

    Either way, we work with companies that truly care about their products and don’t bring bureaucracy to the table.

  • What are some of the projects you've work on?

    Take a look at our references. For more recent work, send us a quick email or initiate a chat at the bottom left of this page.

  • Where are you located?

    Dirox is based in Ho-Chi-Minh City - Vietnam, Paris - France and Copenhagen - Denmark. But roughly 85% of our projects are done remotely with European countries, USA, Australia and Canada.

    Dirox's Development Team is located at GMT +7. We work from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm each day. In some special circumstances we can adjust our schedules.

  • How long is your average project?

    Our projects generally range from roughly 2 to 6 months. In special situations we’ll work for a month or less.

    In many cases we have rolling projects for over 3 years. 

  • What is the communication like in your team?

    We are in constant communication with you. During development ans design phases, we do calls after each deliverable (twice a week). We also do weekly planning meetings which last 1hr approximately. We’re always on Skype and we’re available by email.

    The tools we use: Atlassian including Confluence, Jira, Wiki. Skype, Github and of course email for communication with our clients.

  • Who would be my main point of contact if I work with you?

    Our Project Managers always serve as the main point of contact for any client. Unlike many development firms, we offer each of our clients a PM who is there to support you, give you feedback, delegate tasks to the engineers and do anything else necessary to insure your success. Our PMs have all been with Dirox for at least 3 years now. Each of them has managed at least 25 projects. They’re very technical and are excellent coders in their own right.

  • Where Dirox finds its awesome employees?

    We have several partnerships with university in France like Centrale or INSA, or with Vietnamese one like Polytechnique, RMIT, the University of Science and also Houston Community College System, based in the USA.

    Many of our engineers come to Dirox with deep Drupal, Java, PHP knowledge and Ruby. However, we’ll take a smart developer without development experience over an average developer with experience any day. We train developers for months and teach them our best practices. Front end developers come to us with excellent html/css experience. We train them to become pros with Javascript, Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3 and other technologies. We try to hire some trainees too, in order to train them, give them all the tools they need in order to become a full part of our company.

  • What are your rates? How can I find out how much my project will cost?

    Contact us directly! We’re really competitive and we’ll be happy to do an estimate for you. We work by time and materials, so please note that estimates are not binding quotes. Rather they are ballpark figures that can be narrowed down once we know more about what you want to build.

Travaillez avec nous
  • Logiciel
    Depuis 10 ans nous réalisons et maintenons des plateformes et solutions logicielles pour les industries des telecoms, la finance, la banque, les startups, le voyage, la communication & marketing, la santé, les agences gouvernementales, les ressources humaines. Dirox effectue ces réalisations en mode équipes dédiées annualisées ou en mode projet.
  • Web
    La capacité à exploiter les meilleures pratiques et outils du développement web fait partie de notre ADN. Dans un monde technologique en évolution constante, il est indispensable de rester à jour et de suivre les dernières tendances, technologies et méthodologies. Nous sommes en mesure de fournir une expertise informatique irréprochable à nos clients.
  • Mobile
    Notre département Mobile travaille aussi bien en natif qu'en cross plate-forme. Que ce soit pour des applications métier en entreprise, des applications ludo-éducatives ou des jeux, nos architectes peuvent apportent leur expertise et leurs recommandations pour vous aider techniquement, stratégiquement ou fonctionnellement.
  • 3D
    In an era where user experience is a key for differentiation, our 3D team will help you build a product that will bring reality to your business. Whether it's for gaming, health, real estate, and much more, we will handle your project from animations to rendering.


Bank of Scottia by TDJ

Web App - HR Management System for Banks

Atlassian Plugins

Atlassian - Java/J2EE - Confluence 5.0 Plugins for Document Management

Private Reporting

Web App - Pilot and Monitor your all your Investments in real time

Damian by Mischelle

Mobile App - Digital Jewelry Showroom

Sofialys Adserver

Product Line - First Class Adserver for telecom operators worldwide

Any Arena

Nokia Mobile App - Nightlife and Events in Saigon

Tết Game

Mobile App - Multi device Mobile Game

Club Accorhotel


Constance Suivi

Tiny TV


Top Chef


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Constance Suivi

Web App - The new INSERM project in collaboration with DIROX.

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Web App - The uploading photos contest created for AirFrance.

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Club Accorhotel

Web App - « Like Le Club Accorhotels » is part of a highlight of the concept of caring. 

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Top Chef

Web App - the contest conceived by President, in partnership with Havas360 and Dirox.

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e-Ortho speech therapy remediation platform powered by Dirox is available in private beta 

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Tiny TV

Tiny TV: The streaming video application for children.

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